Passion, experience, luck…

Luck is Luck

True, but in some cases you can also lend a hand to luck, happiness can be enforced, at least I have that feeling from time to time.
For example, I talk about the catch of one particular fish, for this you need to know the water very well, but also the behavior of the fish, migration routes and the approach that your fellow fishermen use, …

In the autumn of 2009 I ventured to return to the domain Puyenbroeck after 2 years of absence, due to some fish adventures in the Netherlands, hoping to catch the big scale again. This was for me several years ago and the fish was that year at new top weight. With my logbook, homemade depth map and notes that I made in recent years, I created a plan. Luck or not, in one and a half month I caught all the toppers, one by one, sometimes several times a night.

After a good month I could go into the winter with peace of mind, more than 18 people in their thirties and 3 in their forties, among whom the big scale were my share. So, you see that with a good preparation and a well-considered approach you can draw luck to your side, sometimes however.

You never have certainty about catching one particular fish or fish, but you can work towards it and if you can put your pearl on the carpet after that hard work, the satisfaction is still so great. And do not forget between all that to keep enjoying.

Another example of this I experience year after year during our 10-day joint session on large water abroad, together with my father and fish mate Kevin. Kevin is about the same wavelength of me in terms of approach and dare to do differently than the rest, we do not always have exactly the same idea about everything, but that makes it so good, so you keep multiple minds open and do not get stuck quickly to a certain tactic.

During these sessions we always watch the cat from the tree, especially to what the locals do to catch their fish. When we have the feeling that we can get more out of it, we throw the whole thing over and try to fish completely differently, both in terms of bait, direction from which you fish certain zones, and the approach of feeding. For the time being, this has led us to successful sessions year after year, with quite a few fish. It also happens that on those 10 days we suddenly catch fish at peak weight, whereof the locals know that they haven’t been on the road for more than 1 or 2 years. Sometimes it’s in details, if you manage it, you’re on gold, but sometimes you have to go hard on your mouth which you have to accept, that’s fishing.


Simplicity decorates!

I find simplicity very important, in the approach, personal behavior and especially in the field of rigs. For me, no fashion-oriented rigs that change every month. In 99% of the cases I fish with very simple rigs that I dare to adjust in length if necessary, but that usually stays with me and these have never let me down, never change a winning team.

There are also dozens of possibilities when feeding. So, the majority of the fishermen can work with the same bait as you, but you can distinguish yourself with that same bait by using it differently, you do not even have to look far to be different than the rest, but I’m not going to elaborate on that, maybe information for another time.

To give an example, we go back to the approach of our foreign sessions that usually take place on the large reservoirs in the south of France, where the paths have not yet been ripped down, where the local French colleagues are still friendly and where especially the nature and our navigable space are of great importance, no boating fishing, but adventure. The first day we usually spend completely on the water, searching, searching and searching again, until we have found enough interesting sites for us. If you can then find certain routes on the basis of trenches or old riverbeds that connect the spots found, then you are right and you can proceed to the next step, feeding, I love it! You have feeding and feeding, and this can make a big difference about how the continuation of the session will take place and whether you can turn luck to your side.

Usually we complete our entire area, with common sense, not just pouring down some food in the water, but working carefully. Afterwards, rest on the site, which is very important to me, at least 24 to 30 hours, where no rig goes into the water. Again, there are a lot of possibilities and certain tactics that we apply, and which, in my opinion, bring the large and / or difficult fish in the direction of our net a bit faster. These are things that you learn through trial and error. Much depends of course on the available time, weather conditions and the crowd on the water. We think it works, but it can also be pure luck … or did we help luck a bit?



About bait there is also a lot to tell, especially by the people who are busy with it every day. My knowledge about this is limited, everyone can make a boilie, but the knowledge about the effect of certain ingredients or the effect if you use some ingredients together, you need real knowledge for that. A pro in his profession, always sympathetic and with the necessary knowledge, is Wim van Overloop from Attractive Baits. The preparation of my bait I leave with my full confidence to him. He always works with quality fresh ingredients, you can see that, smell and taste. If you see how much time that man puts into his compositions and the quality he delivers, every time again, in one word, perfect!

Thank you very much again Wim!

Trust in your bait is, together with the approach and simplicity in which you experience your fishing, a very important link in the hunt for your moment of luck.



Enjoy of every moment and experience your fishing! Happiness sometimes lies in the small things, which most people ignore, due to stress by wanting to catch it too hard, to compete with others, so you forget to enjoy of all the beauty that is happening around you. For me, fishing is fleeing from the daily hustle and bustle, relaxing, an experience of my passion, I am happy that I can experience all of this.

What could be nicer than to enjoy a mug of steaming coffee in the morning while nature awakens through the rising sun that illuminates the mist above the water surface …

Sometimes you experience moments that do as much virtue as catching a beautiful fish, although you sometimes have to be lucky to be there at that moment. Luck or by you in the hand worked by silent simplicity?

Some things you do unconsciously different from the rest, because it is a habit for you, a routine created by good or bad results from the past. What seems completely normal to me, you can be totally different or different for someone else, and that is good, otherwise it would become a whole stereotype of fishing, without any input, without trial and error, without experience, without passion, without happiness …



Kevin for the blissful sessions and all the crazy experiences around it like our winter trip to the Kempen canal …

Thank you to my father for all the years of beautiful experiences and all those beautiful moments together, and the exciting drill from the boat in that pitch-black last night of our session, with the best moment of the night, the biggest fish I could ever embrace. This is engraved in my memory forever.

All praise and thanks to my wife, who sympathizes “my world”, where I am busy day after day with my hobby or preparation. Who sometimes also thinks along with me if I cannot directly put the link through which certain things do or do not happen. Not always gives the right answer for what I’m looking for, but sometimes also hits the nail, just because she looks at my fishing from a different point of view.

Experience your fishing in your own way, with respect for others, be guided by simplicity and go search for your happiness!

Mattijs Celie

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